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Learn About Our Roots

As parents, we understand what it feels like to desire the best opportunities possible when it comes to launching our children into their futures. We truly believe that all students can benefit from our teaching methods and navigate quickly toward their goals.

With our backgrounds in business, finance and pediatrics, and based on our own experiences with seeking educational options that public schools don’t typically supply, we were driven to research developmental and brain science to create a unique way to address the needs of all types of learners. We assembled a highly-qualified team and developed an unparalleled business model that would become the Axiom Learning tutoring franchise program.

At the core of our concept is the research and testing of every possible angle of what has become the Axiom Learning methods, programs, and assessments. Now, after proving the results of our students’ achievements across multiple center locations, we’ve set out to spread the opportunity to others like us who want to make the world a better place through education.

Our Founders

Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

Joanne Aisha Simon

Dr. Joanne Aisha Simon


The Axiom Learning Commitment

At Axiom Learning, we believe our students' future is too important to leave to chance. We make a commitment to our students and to their families. Understanding this commitment is integral to your success as a franchisee. Train your faculty to embrace this same commitment.

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